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Origin Matthulhu - esam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-02 17:44:38       Modified 2010-05-05 10:52:44       Class Single Short Sword      
Lives 1 life       Count see rules      



Rules A variant of Chaos Rez including the use of three powerful game items. The player who is able to capture all three artifacts achieves the Trifecta and is most favored to win the game by killing everyone else (skill notwithstanding, of course).

As with standard Chaos Rez, the objective remains the same: to conquer the field by slaying everyone else in a single life.

Players are limited to a single short weapon each. There are no class abilities.

Every player has unlimited lives.

When you die, remain where you were slain (except for impeding play) and you only return to life when the player who slew you is killed in turn.

In cases of mutual destruction, both players may return to life, and all victims of both players may also return to life.

To return to life, loudly count down from 5 then call 'alive'.

The Artifacts

Each game item confers some special ability on the owner.

 The Shield
(represented by a small shield or buckler with a gold-colored ribbon or cover): Aside from its obvious defensive use, it grants its owner complete immunity to torso hits from normal weapons. Torso hits from the Orb and Scepter are still lethal.\
The Orb (represented by a spellball or rock with a gold cover): This artifact allows the owner to heal a limb wound by loudly declaring X10 "Healing (present count)" If thrown, the Orb deals damage as a throwing weapon but can kill on a bounce as though it were a Fireball.
The Scepter (represented by a shortsword with a gold ribbon): The Scepter can be used in combat. It grants the wielder's other sword the "wounds kill" ability and is itself considered an Imbued weapon. The Scepter may parry the Orb without penalty.




Variations Looting

Ordinarily, living players can strip a dead player of all artifacts immediately after death. As an alternative, a living player might be allowed to take control of just one artifact at a time from a dead player. This is done by touching their shoulder and declaring loudly X5 "Thy (shield/orb/scepter) is mine!", as appropriate.

[It's a predictable trend for the artifacts to end up "sticking together": once a player acquires two or all three artifacts and is killed, their slayer will certainly take them all, and so on and so on. This optional rule should make the artifacts "stick together" less often, and keep the game going for longer.]   

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