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Created on 2010-04-02 17:50:49       Modified 2010-07-20 23:14:32       Class Militia      
Lives 5 lives (militia)       Count Normal count      
Reeves one per nirvana,ane one per gold mine  

Materials Red headbands for the humans, green headbands for the Orcs, several boxes to serve as Gold Mines, piles of treasure markers or fake gold coins. You will also need one reeve for Nirvana for each base and one for each Gold Mine in play.   

Setup  Divide the populace into two equal teams: Orcs and Humans. Send the reeves into the forest (or spread across the battlefield) with the stocked Gold Mines. Each team should be given a roll of ribbon to mark out their base (which also serves as their Nirvana). Use the rules for simple Castle construction for more information.

Rules The eternal struggle between Orcs and Humans continues unabated on Amtgardia! All players begin with 3 lives. To start the scenario, all players are armed with a single melee weapon and up to 2 points of armor. As the teams spread out, they will discover the Gold Mines. Each player may only carry one gold piece at a time and it takes a 30 count to remove each piece. Only one player at a time may "dig" for gold. Players take their gold to their respective Nirvana reeve for a credit point. Once mined, Gold may be taken from a slain player, keeping in mind the limitations for how much Gold each player can carry. Once in Nirvana, Gold may not be taken from the base.
Points may be saved or spent as follows:
3 Gold One extra life for any player
6 Gold One player may use a short bow or a medium shield
8 Gold One player may wear up to four points of armor
10 Gold One player may go Berserk (as Barbarian) on next life
20 Gold All players on the team gain one additional life    


You have a couple options for victory:

1. Play as a shatter battle

2. Play as a timed game, whichever team has the most gold in 30 minutes wins. You may want to cycle lives for this.



Variations 1.The team with the most Gold at the end of the game wins.
a. May play as a timed game, with cycle lives.
2.Play until one team is shattered.
3.New levels of complexity may be added by allowing Gold to buy other things. Examples include buying Monsters, Siege Weapons, Armor or Weaponry for ALL teammates, a Relic, a Healer, etc.   

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