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Origin Matthulhu - esam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-02 17:59:41       Modified 2010-05-15 16:27:09       Class Full Class      
Lives 1 life       Count see rules      

Materials A flag or other marker.   


Rules In an ambush-style battlegame, a single flag or marker is posted in the center of the field. Players of Team A (the one being ambushed) come alive at this position. Team A must also begin the initial pass with their eyes shut or covered or with their faces down toward the ground. They don't have to be tightly packed together like sardines, but the size of the fighting area should determine how much they can spread out before the words "in the center" lose all meaning.

Individual players on Team B can position themselves anywhere else on the field: in the open at least 20 feet from an enemy player, or behind any tree or or other large obstacle on the field (regardless of distance from the enemy). Team B players can come alive from behind any tree or other large obstacle at least 50 feet from the central flag.

Once the ambushers are satisfied with their positions, the team captain gives the signal and the reeves can call Lay-On, at which point the ambushed team are allowed to look around and respond to the ambushers.

 All hostile-effect counts are divided by 10, and death counts are 50. There's no capture-the-flag, no ring-the-bell... it's still a mutual-annihilation game. You *could* still play it as a Capture the Flag-style game, but the flag is there mainly to indicate a 'spawning point'.    




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