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Materials several rolls of surveyor's ribbon and small stakes, 4 milk crates or boxes, a plank    

Setup Using the ribbon and stakes, mark off two sections on flat ground (the ships). Connect the two with the plank (or use ribbon to simulate a plank) Multiple planks may be used, depending on the relative size of the ships. Both ships should be close to the same size, unless the Reeves decide otherwise (or you start running out of ribbon! ) Place a crate at the center of each ship, near the fore and aft sections. The crates represent the helm and the main mast. Also, mark off a "Lifeboat" for each ship, tied to the back or either side.    

Rules Two teams, representing pirate crews, do battle for each others ship. Divide the populace into two teams, put one team in each ship. The plank(s) is (are) the only "safe" way to cross the distance. Anyone who steps or falls "overboard" is subjected to the Water Rules (q.v.) and must walk slowly back to the Lifeboat (or die trying). Once inside the lifeboat, the player must count "Climbing" x 10 and may then board the ship. Climbing players are subject only to missile fire and polearm attacks. Players may board on their opponent's lifeboat. The goal is annihilation of the opposition or capture of their vessel.


Victory Capture of the other ship is accomplished by
1.subduing or killing the rival Captain
2.destroying both the helm and the main mast (i.e.: 10 chops with a blue or red weapon, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, etc.)    


Variations 1.Place one or more Sharks (q.v.) or other Terrors of the Deep in the water to make things more interesting for players who fall overboard.
2.Place the ships close enough to jump between, though caution should be used to ensure safe landings.    

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