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Materials Lots of rope   

Setup Each boat should be 12' long by 8' wide or so. Feel free to vary this based on the number of players. The gangplanks between the boats should be one person wide or maybe one and a half.   


Divide into two teams and each team will defend one boat. Players may only walk on the areas inside the boats. If anyone steps a whole foot off of the boat then that player takes a death. One throwing weapon per team might be appropriate and short spears (6') are also good. Full-length pole-arms kind of spoil the fun of limited opportunities. This should be played several times with the first dead from the winning team changing teams just like in a ditch battle.





* 1-3 gangplanks

* shore vs boat

* place a cabin at the back of the boat that can't be shot into or out of

* People can drown in the water, or swim in it. One variation I did was that players with 0 points armor could swim quickly (walk), 1-2 points swim slowly (on their knees), and 3+ points armor drown.

* Each ship has a cargo (a large box or boxes, a number of gold pieces) which must be captured


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