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Origin By Night They Dance, Dor    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-14 14:34:26       Modified 2010-07-20 22:01:42       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials Tokens   


Split into three or more teams: 1 of monsters to be hunted, and two or more of players, The monsters get a supply of tokens.


Rules Two (or more) small teams of Questors compete against one another to see who can slay the most Monsters. Each Monster has a number of Life Tokens which must be turned over to the team responsible for slaying it.   

Victory Team with the most token wins.   


Variations 1.See Pack Attack (q.v.) for the lupine version.
2.Set up a complex "sewer system" using flagging tape. Skirit have infested it and need to be exterminated.
3.An "Undead Nexus" has opened in the woods, letting in all kinds of abominations. Slay the Monsters for a few points or destroy the Nexus for lots of points.
4.Vampires make great fodder for a Hunt, as do Assassins, Anti-Paladins and other icons of Evil.
5.Empty the Werewoods of Werecreatures. Low-powered Wererats are worth fewer points than rabid Werecats or Werewolves, but maybe quantity counts for more than quality in this game.
6.Establish alternate goals that are worth points as well: recover an artifact for 10 points, bring a live Monster back for double the normal points, etc.
7.Use water and Aquatic Monsters to shake things up a little bit, or mark off an area as Lava and populate it with flame-dwelling creatures. This makes for a deadly variation for the unprepared!
8.Turn the tables on the Questors and assign a point value to them. Monsters then compete to accumulate points too.
9.Use the Hunt as a springboard for a series of Quests, with the results of each successive Hunt setting the stage for the next weeks game. Example: Week One is a simple Bear Hunt where the Questors collect fur "tails" for points. Week Two: a team of renegade Ursunids seek revenge against the populace for killing their pet Bears. Week Three: the Baron forms a Hunting party to enter the woods to root out the Ursunids and any other Monsters living therein (like a tribe of Lepus, or a pair of White Rabbits).   

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