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Rules Calvinball is simple, two sides, infinite lives. All per game abilities happen once every four lives. Barbarians FAD every 4th life. You have two sides, and you fight. Deaths do not come back immediately until one side "wins". Usually killing the other side, or otherwise establishing they win the exchange (i.e., don't waste half an hour hunting down some speedy guy hiding in the woods).Once one side wins, the side that lost gets to make a new rule. Pretty much any rule they want, with one caveat. You cannot name a player by name in a rule (e.g., "Grubilex is immune to green weapons"), or use a physical description (e.g. "all redheaded warrriors over 6' tall inflict double damage with their weapons"). You can make a rule which just happens to affect one person (all javelins are 'wounds kill' when only one person has a javelin).
Some examples (all ones we have used)

  • Everyone must fight lefthanded. (the team who made this rule had two lefthanded people and the rest was mostly florentine)
  • All spellballs remain active.
  • All weapons are red.
  • Archers can only carry 3 arrows.
  • People struck by an arrow keep it.
  • Ditch battle sides - teams who lose also get first death of the other team.
  • Barbarians must berserk and attack anyone who asks them a question.
  • Everyone fights after death.
  • Barbarian FAD count resets to 0 every time they kill someone during FAD.
  • Spells must be cast with the left foot.
  • Anyone placing both hands over their ears is immune to verbal magics.
  • Stuff like that.
  • If a team does not like a rule, they can always lose and undo it. This continues until one team concedes the other team is "too silly". 




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