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Origin Matthulhu - e-sam    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-01-17 22:11:37       Modified 2015-05-21 03:48:18       Class no class      
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Materials Ditch-battle equipment
One or more Amt-legal Rocks/dodgeballs to represent Lifeballs. There should not be more than 1 Lifeball per 10 players. Each Lifeball should have a unique color or cloth cover so fighters can tell them apart  

Setup Fighters begin the game as a large circle with Nirvana in the center, and the Lifeballs in formation just outside Nirvana.   

Rules This game is played the same as Kill My Killer except as follows:

Dead players must go to Nirvana. They may return to life after a verbal 5-count once their killer is slain in turn.

If you slay another player while a Lifeball is in your possession, they do not return to life if you are slain as part of a "simo" with another player. This does not apply to the player you simo with.

If you are wounded and carrying a Lifeball, you can instantly heal any wound by returning to Nirvana and making a verbal 5-count.

If you are slain while carrying a Lifeball, you are allowed to return to life immediately (accompanied by the usual verbal 5-count) and your killer does not get 'credit' for your death. However, you must drop any Lifeballs in your possession and may not use it/them again until you've slain another fighter (simos included). You may, however, pick up and use any other unattended Lifeball.

Lifeballs may also be thrown as normal 1-point projectiles   




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