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Created on 2010-04-14 14:59:08       Modified 2010-07-20 22:02:13       Class Class or Militia      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      


Setup Divide the populace into two teams. One to represent the Bandits and the other the Guards. One player should be designated a Political Figure (like a non-combatant, who walks slowly) and serve as the object of the battlegame. This game works best if there is a substantial playing area, particularly one with wooded areas.   

Rules For whatever reason, the Political Figure wants to get from point A to point B in a hurry. The Figure has commissioned/recruited a team of Guards to escort him/her across the territory. Unfortunately, the way is plagued with Bandits and (possibly) other dangers. The Guards must safely transport the Figure from Point A to Point B, without losing the Figure to the Bandits, who are trying to capture the Figure for ransom. To make matters worse, the Figure may never move faster than a walk.   

Victory The game is over when a) the Guards make it to Point B with the Figure or b) the Bandits capture the Figure and hold him for a 300 count.    



  • Give the Bandits one or more Monster allies, to aid their cause.
  • The Guards must never leave more than 100 feet from the Figure.
  • Place mundane hazards (quicksand, water, etc.,) in the path of the Guards or Bandits.
  • Make the teams unbalanced in favor of the Bandits, like two-to-one odds or worse. Make the Bandits all low-level non-magic classes and the Guards higher-level with spellcasters.
  • Place Neutral encounters (like Healers or Unicorns) throughout the path. 

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