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Created on 2010-04-14 15:14:32       Modified 2010-04-14 15:14:32       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials None, or perhaps a "stolen" artifact.    

Setup Divide the populace into two teams, one team comprised wholly of members of one specific fighting class (Assassins, Barbarians, Scouts, etc.), the other made up of the remaining populace. If the ratio is greater than 3 to 1, consider asking other players to play one of the Hunted at 1st level (or higher, if someone has credits in that class)    

Rules For whatever reason, the local Lord has declared the members of a certain class are evil and must be destroyed. The Hunted Class flees into the woods, pursued by the Populace. The Populace must catch and/or shatter the Hunted. The Hunted must elude the Populace for a specified amount of time. Theme is important to this battlegame, for without a story, this turns into little more than a "destroy the bad guys" blood bath.    



Variations Try and even things up for the Hunted by using one or more of these options

  • Band two similar classes together for larger groups. For example: a band of Barbarians and Scouts are robbing the local merchants and must be stopped, or a renegade sect of evil Assassins and Monks terrorize the farmers of the Shire and must be tracked down.
  • Put some Monsters, or a high-level spellcaster, on the side of the Hunted.
  • Give the Hunted two or three times the normal number of lives, and have them come alive in a 50 count.
  • Make the Hunted Class able to use Bows and forbid the use of Bows by the Hunters. This will go a long way in evening things up, especially if the Hunted don't have magic.
  • Give the Hunted another goal, such as assassinating a specific member of the populace or carrying an object from one point to another. If the Hunted does this before they are all killed or captured, then they win. Or perhaps they receive some beneficial aid or magical relic. 

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