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Origin Book of Engoku    Entered by Azus   
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Materials Garb the five kings. Strips to mark out the landscape. Tabards for each team would be nice.   

Setup  Divide the field into the five realms. Be as detailed as you like: draw countries  on the ground, or just make a huge circle and divide it into five sections. Add appropriate terrain effects in the appropriate places (steppe & deserts in Tartarus, for instance). Pick five experienced players to be the kings. Divide the players evenly between them.   

Rules The object is simple: conquer the realms of Engoku. Whenever a king dies, it and the inhabitants of that realm become part of their conqueror's army. Everyone's nirvana remain unchanged, regardless of who commands them. If there is no clear conqueror (the king went down by the efforts of several realms), it's up to the dead king to decide which gets his lands and people.   




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