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Origin Book of Engoku    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-14 15:20:42       Modified 2010-04-14 15:20:42       Class Full Class      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials Monster garb, The Cosmos relic   

Setup Choose and garb the Monsters. You'll want two appropriately uber Monsters, with the Trait Large or Very Large. Dragons and Gargantuans are perfect. The remaining populace should be divided into three camps: cityfolk, tribesmen, and the militia. The latter two should be evenly balanced.

Cityfolk - Non-combative Peasants (give this job to the Color players). Their job is to run from the Daikaiju and get in the way of the militia. Running and pointing at the Daikaiju, talking in a badly dubbed way encouraged.

Tribesmen - Barbarians, Druids, Scouts, any 'indigenous' archetype. They are defenders of the relics. The 'Chief ' should get one half of The Cosmos, and some trusted member who can flee with it should get the other.

Militia - Any classes. These are defenders of the town.

You'll also need someone to play 'The Alchemist' NCP  


Several truly terrible creatures (Daikaiju) have marched upon the town, and are threatening to crush, burn, and destroy everything in sight (sound familiar?). So terrible is the threat that no simple counter attack will defeat it or drive it away. No, an item of great power must be employed to even up the playing ground.

The militia must defend the town from the attack of both Daikaiju. Naturally, a frontal assault is all but hopeless, but they'll probably try anyway. Interrupt them after they've been thinned down a bit (enough to make an even match against the Tribesmen) with the intrusion of 'The Alchemist', who explains that there's only one way to stop a Daikaiju attack: with the Cosmos relic, which is being held by the local Tribesmen. He then explains the Militia needs to retrieve the relic from the Tribesmen, who've been using it to cause the attack. He tells them all they need do is touch the relic to the beast to control it. 'The Alchemist' does not know the artifact has two halves. Naturally, they'll run off to the Tribesmen's' home to fetch it. It's assumed then that the Daikaiju are too far away for the Tribesmen to summon to defend the relic. The Cosmos goes to the Militia as soon as the Chief takes a death. At that point, the Tribesmen retreat from the battle, disappearing into the woods. If the setup is successful, the nature of the relic will allow one side to control one Monster, while the other side controls the other. The two teams should then line up to fight it out, each with a Daikaiju. The winning team gets both pieces of the artifact.



Misc Relic - Cosmos
The Cosmos is a pair of statues, about three inches high. The statues are of twins, two lovely ladies clad in white, that sing when activated. Each statue conveys the ability to utterly control, for all of its lives, a single creature of Large or Very Large size (1/Game/ Statue). If the statues are separated (more than 20' from one another for longer than a 100 count), the effect is weakened: as above, but the control only extends to orders to keep the wielder safe. To use, the wielder must touch the target with one of the statues. The Cosmos ignores immunities to Control. Monsters regaining control somehow (including the weakening effects of splitting up the statues) tend to get mad.   

Variations This scenario works well within AmtRisk. Lay out the buildings as normal, and let the Monsters 'go to town' on them. Destroyed buildings should produce boulders. Clever use of Terrain is also suggested…a battle on Mountain Terrain, for instance, may be quite invigorating.   

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