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Lives standard per class       Count see rules      



Rules This is a alt-class or special class that I came up with for a certain battlegame last week.
General 5 Lives
2 points stoneskin per life
Single Long or Short sword that cannot be destroyed in anyway
Serves as a HomeStone, which means players come alive at the General
Cannot carry enchantments.


'Rally Heal': Unlimited uses. General chants "Rally Heal 1" through "Rally Heal 20." Cannot move while casting. At the end of Rally Heal 20, all friendly players within 20 feet of General are healed.

'Rally Resurrect': 2 uses per game. General chants "Rally Res 1" through "Rally Res 20." Cannot move while casting. At the end of Rally Res 20, all friendly players within 20 feet of General are instantly resurrected as per the resurrect spell.

'Inspire': Can be used every 100 seconds. General chants "Inspire 1" through "Inspire 20." At the end of Inspire 20, all friendly players within 20 feet of the General become "Inspired" and now have 1 point of Barkskin on all locations. This works even on Barbarians. Players that already have armor can only gain the Inspiration BarkSkin point on locations that are not already covered by armor. Cannot stack in any way.

Generals abilities do NOT work on himself.

The game I built was that each team had one of these guys, and the rest of the players on the team have standard lives.

We play 30 second deaths and half count effect spells at our park(arcade style)

Whenever one of the Generals men are shattered, they wait a full 300 seconds and then come back with full lives and abilities again.

The generals must go to their beginning base to come back alive after dying.

This game plays best with at least 8 ppl to a team.

Victory The object of the game is to shatter the enemy general, but other games could be played that include the use of the General.   

Misc The game turned out pretty interesting. I played one general and one of the other teams top fighters played their General. The fighting was very centralized and focused. Everyone wants to be around the General so that he can heal and Inspire ppl, because armor is fun to have. It ended up being a lot more Unit-style than the spread out and conquer that our games turn out to be a lot of the time.    


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