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Origin    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-15 01:10:05       Modified 2010-07-20 22:31:10       Class Class or Militia      
Lives standard per class       Count Normal count      

Materials An object to serve as the "lamp"    

Setup  Pick a genie and an item to use as a lamp. Throw the lamp on the field. Divide the Populace into equal teams.    


This self-contained game features a near-omnipotent Monster bound by some very concise rules. Be certain the player portraying the Genie is willing to play in character, a truly impartial Being of Cosmic Power doling out favors to all teams equally.  Description below.

Winner must keep lamp for designated period of time. Use the Genie of the Lamp, presented below, or give the Genie 6th level Magic use in one or more classes. The side who gains the lamp gets three wishes from the Genie. To summon genie, you must rub the lamp and say "I call upon the power of the lamp" x3. The Genie may perform one task before having to be summoned again. Genie has unlimited lives and can only be killed while carrying out a request. If the Genie is killed, your wishes are used up. Limit of three wishes per team per possession. If team loses lamp then all enchantments/magic are lost. The other team now gets three wishes. Continues until time runs out. 

Genie of the Lamp
(SW: Star)
Armor: 8 points Invulnerable
Attacks: Spells only
1.Intangibility (unlimited) As creatures of pure magical energy, Genies are naturally vaporous and intangible. They are immune to all physical game effects (i.e.: most spellballs, walls of thorns, fire, or force, all normal melee and throwing weapons, etc.) Their Invulnerability is only effected by the following powers, items, and spells: Curse, Finger of Death, Touch of Death, Vibrating Palm, Odin's Hammer, Enchanted weapons, the Dagger of Infinite Penetration, and Mutual Destruction. They may be attacked with normal physical attacks only if in the process of casting a spell or fulfilling a wish.
2.Wish Fulfillment (3/owner) The Genie's master can command them to fulfill a variety of wishes, within certain guidelines and limitations. First, they may cast ANY spell or use ANY ability of ANY class or Monster to fulfill a wish, including Resurrect. May grant the abilities of a Relic on a non-Relic item for one of the master's lives per wish. Enchantments and other wish effects have to be wished for again when the master dies and returns from Nirvana (i.e.: no wishing for "the Sword of Flame for the entire battlegame!", that would be one wish for every life the master has). No wishing for more wishes. No "freebies", "substitutions, exchanges, or refunds!" Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Genies can BREAK THE RULES. With Reeve permission, the Genie can cause wild acts of mass destruction, Teleport entire teams, Resurrect everyone on the battlefield, cast the Wind spell with a single word, or do effectively anything the master's heart desires. A Reeve should be on hand for all non-standard or mass requests ("I wish everyone on my team has an Enchanted Weapon!"), to rule whether the request is feasible.
3.Teleport (unlimited) Must say "Teleport" x3 to activate and "Poof!" x1 to reappear. Else treat as Wizard Teleport.
4.Heal Self (unlimited) May be cast while Intangible. Must say: "Sword cut, spear stab, mace smash, arrow jab / The white light of Healing hath healed me!" x2. This spell heals the Genie and restores all lost armor points in any one location.

1."Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty-bitty living space!" The Genie is bound to serve the possessor of his/her Magic Lamp, an extra-dimensional prison which contains the Genie's soul. The Genie is subject to the whim of his/her Master. Each Genie is bound to serve a single owner for the extent of three wishes (see above), after which time both Genie and Lamp vanish to find a new owner. If the Lamp is lost to an owner before he/she uses the three wishes, should he/she ever regain the same Lamp, they get the remainder of their wishes. Once having been a Genie's an individual may never again have the servitude of any other Genie. (Three wishes to a customer!)
2.Genies may not exist within an area of Anti-Magic, and will be Teleported to the nearest boundary of the spell if caught within one. Genies may NOT Dispel an Anti-Magic area, nor do any of their abilities or gifts function in such an area. 26
3.Additionally, the Genie may never use Wish Fulfillment on himself/herself without a Master's wishing this so. All other powers may be used normally.
Garb: For women, a belly-dancers costume. For men, a turban with Arabic robes.
Description: Genies can appear in any form they desire, though usually to achieve some response in humans (love, terror, respect) or to fulfill a wish for their Master. Generally speaking, the females appear as incredibly beautiful human females in Arabic-style clothing, the males vary widely from truly frightening to almost comedic. Each Genie has a distinct personality, much like humans, and can be of any temperament or ethos. Some Genie's are quite evil and will twist their master's wishes to the letter of the wish, potential master's beware!

Lives: 1
Levels: As mastodons of magical power, Genies are as powerful as they will ever be.


Victory One team must hold onto the lamp for a designated period of time.



  • Free for all, or 2 person teams. There is no point to the game than silly requests.


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