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Origin Squire Jabberwock    Entered by Azus   
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Rules This game is designed around the idea that it's always fun to just hack through a whole bunch of bad guys. The game is fairly simple: two teams will take turns being the Goblin Hordes while the other team tries to mow them down. For 15 minutes, one team will be Human, allowing normal classes and armor while the other team is Goblins, which are allowed no armor at all. Goblins are the normal kind: they die when hit and come back from Nirvana in 50 seconds. These Goblins have the added benefit that they have unlimited lives. Much like resurrection games, the name of the game is deaths, not "winning". Each time a Goblin dies, he should check in with the Score Keeper at his Nirvana, who will record his death as a point for the Human team. After 15 minutes, the Humans will play the Goblins and the Goblins will become the Humans and try to score more points.   




  • There are two added complexities to The Great Goblin Massacre. These are the Human Captain and the Orcs. The Human team must choose one among their number to be their Captain. That Captain is worth 20 points if killed by the Goblin team. The Captain may not be removed from game by any means, including fleeing the field and Circle Pro. He is someone who will be targeted and often get mulched, so choose wisely. The Orcs are just that, Orcs. The Goblins may choose as many of their number as they wish to be Orcs. Orcs will always be first level and can wear armor and use class abilities normally. They come back from Nirvana in a 300 count and are worth 4 Goblin deaths each time they die. Powerful Orc warriors can be a valuable asset to a team, but their deaths will cost dearly
  • Make it harder for the humans! Split into 3 teams. One will play the humans, who are defending. The other two are goblins, who are working together. After 15 minutes, rotate which team is human.

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