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Origin By Night They Dance    Entered by Azus   
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Created on 2010-04-16 00:09:59       Modified 2010-05-03 02:06:02       Class Full Class      
Lives 1 life       Count Normal count      

Materials Rope  

Setup One end of the field is Town, the other end is the Haunted Woods, and a Bridge connects the two.    

Rules In the forest and bridge, hunting for grisly trophies, roams the Headless Horseman and his ferocious mount (a War Horse or Dark Steed, at the Reeve's discretion). All the Questors start out on the farthest end of the Haunted Woods and are sent forth, one at a time, toward Town. Anyone making the trek is safe once they cross the Bridge, otherwise they're fair game!   



Variations 1.Questors may not run through the Haunted Woods.
2.Questors may wait at the Bridge to help other Questors combat the Horseman.
3.Questors must move on their knees, while the Horseman may move normally. This simulates the far superior speed of the Horseman.
4.Give the Questors some tokens to move from the Woods into Town. The Questors win once they move a set number of tokens, the Horseman wins if he collects more tokens than the Questors  

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