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Materials rope for 4 areas

Setup Pick out 3 lords. Rope off a small area to represent their dungeons. In the center rope off a large area to represent the village. Before the game starts, the populace forms a line and closes their eyes. The Reeve will select people to be spies for the lords, one spy per lord.    

Rules The lords/ladies must fight sword and board. Their equipment is indestructible, and they are immune to magic. They can not fight each other directly, and must stay at least 5 feet away from each other. They are free to attack, and be attacked by, each other's armies. They start on the different sides of the field.  They have 5 lives.
At lay-on, all the villagers are in the village. The lords will try to kill villagers, and the spies will start making kills for their lords. A killed villager goes to the dungeon of the lord who killed them (or the lord of the spy). If a villager kills a lord, the lord goes back to his base. If a villager kills a spy or one of the lord's fighters, that person becomes a villager. A dead person switches to the team that killed them. The first death of a villager doesn't count against their total life count (ie, they get an extra life)
2 times per life and when they come alive (or, see options below), lords can go to their dungeon, and yell, "I release you!". The lords MUST be at the dungeon, not walking towards it, not halfway across the field running towards it, but actually at the base. At this point, all villagers in their dungeon come out to fight for them.
Anyone killed goes to the dungeon of that lord/lady to wait until released to fight for their new master. If a villager kills a lord, the lord returns to their base.  
Death count for the Lords/Ladies is 0 (they come alive when they return to base - unless they need a break). Villager's life counts don't matter, they come alive when the new lord releases them.   

Victory shatter the opposing lords/ladies   


Variations 1.The Lord/Lady can only release their villagers when they come alive, plus 2 times per game.
2.Villagers cycle lives instead of shattering.
3.2 lords instead of three.   

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