To Do List

To do list

no selected item***

When adding a game, have nothing selected / empty box for lives, count, etc. As an alternative, set up in admin a default choice.

2010-07-20 22:04:57    

Scroll Bars**

I would insure that when the scroll bar appears it does not cut off text (This may only occur on mine because I've customized Firefox to have the vertical scroll bar on the left.)

2010-04-23 02:10:50    

Fix keywords**

Too many games lack proper keywords

2010-05-02 22:51:20    

User profiles*

permit changing passwords, bio, etc

2010-04-23 02:10:50    

New Section: Props*

Give a new list of props / etc (how to make chests, towers, use of gold to buy items, etc)

2010-05-09 17:33:19    

New Section - Terrain Effects*

Have a list of terrain effects

2010-05-09 17:33:38    

Fuzzy Search*

In the search tech box, use of ~ (with or without + or -) will use a soundex search

2010-05-16 12:56:15    

spans for rtf and pdf expor*

The html edit for copy and paste from e-sam creates ''; change this to a simple to simplify exporting.

2010-09-24 12:49:00