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Find your name, and circle in the column of the class you play today. If you are new or haven't been out much recently, please add your name at the bottom.
Player A-PalyArcherAssassinBarbarianBardColorDruidHealerMonkMonsterPaladinPeasantReeveScoutWarriorWizardSignature.....
PlayerLand A-PalyArcherAssassinBarbarianBardColorDruidHealerMonkMonsterPaladinPeasantReeveScoutWarriorWizard Signature

Levels: Level 1 is under 5 credits. Level 2 is 5 to 11 credits. Level 3 is 12 to 20 credits. Level 4 is 21 to 33 credits. Level 5 is 34 to 52 credits. Level 6 is 53 and up.
If reeves qualified, please enter date they passed their test.
Players are considered reeves qualified for 6 months after the test.