Ruwau Lake 2014-09-19 22:59:43
Drivin' up
Still drivin'
Ok, we stopped driving - for gas...

North of Bishop
Petroglyphs carved into various rocks north of Bishop. The locations are not well publicized by the BLM to keep too manypeople from making a mess of things.

Driving up to the trail head. Yes, there will be more to this than what we saw from the car!
Crap, that flower is out of order :(Crap, that lake is also out of order :(Starting up the trail above South Lake
Still South Lake
Long Lake
Chocolate Peak seen from Long Lake
Long Lake is cold!

Drainage from Ruwau LakeRuwau LakeWe camped in the trees to the left
Looking at Long Lake from Ruwau??
Mark and I walked up the saddle due south of Ruwau lake

Views atop Chocolate PeakWindy up there, look at Ruwau Lake!
That's not ice on the lake... That's the wind!

The "trail" from Chocolate Peak to Upper Chocolate Lake. Looking at a map, the real trail contours around and meets Middle Chocolate lake, but neither we nor the other group saw it!
Outlet of Upper Chocolate Lake
!Middle Chocolate Lake?
Heading out, we cut it a little close to dark...

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