War of the Darkshore, 2006? 2014-09-19 23:06:38

For more info on what this is, go to the Wyvern's Spur website., or the main organization for Amtgard

No pics of me. I placed the camera on a log and tried to enchant it by saying, "Take cool pics of me" 10 times, but I forgot that as a raider I couldn't use magic. Maybe I should play wizard instead?

The real reason the raider class was hated: not the immunity to magic, not the two invulnerabilities, just the insanity that took them down...

I'm annoyed at myself - I didn't get a good pic of Sita in full Rambo Pose

This would have been more fun as a video, with PigPen yelling "HEALER!!! I NEED A HEALER!!! HEALER!!! HEALER!!!"

Too slow with the camera. I wanted to get Bran Muf... er, Braen mid-air after tripping on a killer stalk of grass.

Bri's smile isn't beer related, it's goldbond!

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